PS2 Compatibility List for Anbernic RG405M / Anbernic RG505

Written by thegaminggeek

August 30, 2023

I have the Anbernic RG405M in my retro handheld collection and have recently been testing Playstation 2 game performance. As a means to contribute to the retrohandheld community, I’m compiling my own PS2 Compatibility list with AetherSX2 settings based on my personal testing. While these settings were tested on the Anbernic RG405M, you can expect the performance to be similar on the Anbernic RG505 and the upcoming Anbernic RG405V.





Of course, you can only expect the same performance if you’ve got the same apps installed on your device. To improve the performance of the Anbernic RG405M, I installed GammaOS Lite V1.3.3 (download and view installation instructions here). I’m also using AetherSX2 V 1.4-3060 which you can get here. If you’re using anything different and performance isn’t as good as you see in my videos, you should consider using that I’m using.


I’ve got my own default AetherSX2 settings that I start with on every performance test. I’m not sure if everyone has the same, but it’s important that I mention it so that you know what I mean when I say “works on my defaults”.

  • System – EE Cycle Rate (Underclocking) – 100% (0)
  • System – EE Cycle Skip (Underclocking) – Normal (0)
  • System – Affinity Control Mode – Disabled
  • System – Multi-Threaded VU1 – Enabled
  • Graphics – GPU Renderer – Vulkan
  • Graphics – Upscale Multiplier – 1x Native
  • Graphics – Hardware Download Mode – Accurate
  • Graphics – Threaded Presentation – Enabled
  • Advanced – Enable Fastmem – Enabled



For consistency, I’ll borrow the ratings and definitions being followed by the RP3+ Compatibility Guide.

  • Great – Essentially full speed with few problems.
  • Playable – Either full speed or close to full speed. Sometimes has audio or visual problems.
  • Somewhat – 70%-89% speed, some graphical/audio glitches.
  • Bad – <70% speed, won’t start, or game-breaking glitches.


List of PS2 Games Playable on the Anbernic RG405M (Click on the links to see videos of the performance)
  • 14 games with video proof of playability!
  • All tests were done on the Maximum performance mode.



Update History
  • Aug. 30, 2023 – Created this guide. 11 games already tested.


  1. Richard Callis

    Any chance of a FFX-2 attempt?

    I can’t get it to work. Got ffx & XII to work with no problems, but X-2 is non playable.

    • thegaminggeek

      I’ve been trying FFX-2 on the Retroid Pocket 3+ and I could never get the cutscenes/FMVs to run at an acceptable performance. They say the game itself is playable but for a game like FFX-2, I couldn’t accept that cutscenes would run badly.

  2. I.T.

    Great list waiting for Burnout games testing and settings 😀

    • thegaminggeek

      Oh my, sorry. It’s not likely that I’ll do the Burnout games because I hate driving/racing games and testing them stresses me out.


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